The Power Couple: When Content Met Social Media

content meets sm

The marriage of content marketing and social media has produced lots of great things in the Internet.

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In this rapid age of technological advancements, a simple click in the World Wide Web can help you start an online business. If you’d ask me, I’d be interested in putting up an online cupcake store so I can share my delicious creations with my friends, family, and potential customers. But the question is, how do I market my products? More importantly, with the popularity of social media networks, how can I utilize these social media tools to boost up my business?

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How to Survive the Water Cooler: Establishing a Good Working Relationship When You’re the Newbie

Everybody goes through the inevitable phase of being the new kid on the block. It is fun when you’re six, and you meet an asthmatic 7-year old neighbor, and you become friends for life after you ask his name and he lets you hold his 3-day old Ironman action figure. Unfortunately for you, you’re not in your early formative years, and the closest to an asthmatic person you have is the office secretary whose neatly organized office supplies won’t even be given the opportunity of getting a feel of your non-obsessive compulsive un-sanitized hands.

It’s time to face the music. You just signed your name on your binding contract, and you walk through the door of your new office for the first time. You’re a newbie. No one will be there to hold your hand when the “enemy” deals you a losing set of cards. Take a deep breath and deal with it. Smile while you’re at it.

Being the newbie is a pain. It gives you that vulnerability that tenured folks no longer possess. You’re new, your new co-workers know little about you, and nothing else in the office seems deserving of primetime spots in conversations. You now are going to be, more than probably, the subject of water cooler talks. When your co-workers take short breaks, they go to the water cooler for a drink, and maybe share a bit of gossip about the newest addition to the work scene: you.

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