Counting Down to the Top 10 TV Shows of 2013

Thanksgiving is already over and done with and this would signal the approaching finale of 2013! Just like in NBC’s The Voice Top 6, the end of their singing journeys is about to end.

Surely, almost, if not all of us are starting to look back as to what happened in the year that was. I smell throwback Thursdays and flashback Fridays looming in on the social media. Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014 would be a sure hit in hash tags!

Meanwhile, this is the moment of truth for NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox to determine who is the fairest of ‘em all. Which of their all American programs ranked first to the satisfactoriness of liable sofa spuds?

From the Top 10 to Top 11, these are the T.V. Series that is keeping our tube zoetic…Let the countdown begin:

In # 10 CBS’ Criminal Minds- Starring Joe Mansegna (remember The Godfather?) is a crime drama of a skillful team of FBI profilers that analyzes gnarled minds of criminals and catch them before they can commit any more crimes. Crime, Drama with Mystery is the way to go.

#9 CBS’ Person of interest- This is another primetime series for CBS, who stars Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson2, that is a crime thriller engaging a CIA officer and a billionaire who aims to defend New York City against crimes. Was there ever any doubt that these lead characters always wins at the end of every season?

#8 NBC’s Sunday Night Football- “Football Night in America” by NBC Sports Network and is the most watched studio show in sports. Hey! American football is not the most popular sport in the United States for no good reason, right?

#7 ABC’s Dancing with the stars- A first for ABC in this list, however, Dancing with the Stars is already on its 17th season bringing on a brand new format, a new cast and great musicality from top recording artists.3 This season presented a variety of personalities – a “new” Nicole Polizzi or otherwise known as Snooki of the Jersey Shore who shocked the world with her body transformation. And who would have thought that Glee’s Amber Riley does not only have a pleasant voice but a seemingly graceful move as well?

#6 CBS’ NCIS Los Angeles- Who would not want to watch a military drama with badass federal agents displaying rock-hard abs? Singer/Rapper/writer/entrepreneur LL Cool J lives up to his name “Ladies Love Cool James” up to par. And who would not be hooked with Chris O’Donell’s all American stature? BTW, NCIS Los Angeles is a military drama and police procedural genres4…if that even matters?!

#5 FOX’s OT- A first for FOX Sports Network in this countdown. Another holler at Americas most popular sport of Football, OT’s recap of all NFL action inclusive of the best matchups, biggest upsets and setbacks and great storylines for each and every week.5

#4 CBS’ The Big Bang Theory- The All-American sitcom that deals with, uhm, physics? This is a hilarious satire of two physicists who discovers life outside their laboratories after a new girl moves in the apartment next door.6 Geeks watching can truly relate.

#3 NBC’s Sunday Night NFL Pre-kick- The latest news flash: “The Buccaneers can tie the longest winning streak by any team after an 0-8 start to the season if they win their fourth straight in Carolina…” err, need I mention more? By the mere looks of football statistics and news, fanatics will go ga-ga over the latest news from the all time favorite sport! Don’t let me get started with the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets! And this is just week 13 of the play offs!7

#2 CBS’ NCIS- After its 7th season (which started in 2003), spin-off series of NCIS Los Angeles joined NCIS.8 All together an American police procedural drama of agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, thus, making it the most watched and voted favorite T.V. show in the U.S.
And the series that was voted as the most watched and who ranked No. 1 in television in U.S. is:

#1 NBC’s SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!! – What better way to enjoy eating delicious, scrumptious and calorie-packed food to tickle your fancy? How better way to ROFL with friends and not get in trouble? Watch Sunday night football on NBC, of course! American Football is not tagged as the most exciting sport in the world for nothing. The NFL not only offer gambling excitement, scantily clad dancing girls and raucous music but mainly because Americans, men in particular, loves seeing smarts, wits and strength of another win the goal against another.

So, there it goes. Before 2013 bids goodbye to us, let us seat back, relax and enjoy the coveted T.V. shows in America.

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