The Power Couple: When Content Met Social Media

content meets sm

The marriage of content marketing and social media has produced lots of great things in the Internet.

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In this rapid age of technological advancements, a simple click in the World Wide Web can help you start an online business. If you’d ask me, I’d be interested in putting up an online cupcake store so I can share my delicious creations with my friends, family, and potential customers. But the question is, how do I market my products? More importantly, with the popularity of social media networks, how can I utilize these social media tools to boost up my business?

I’ll be sharing with you the current information that I’ve read about managing content and harnessing social media networks for businesses.

Wait, Content Marketing?

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Thinking of those stuff that might help you understand content marketing?
It is plain and simple!

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Yes, you heard it right. You’ll need content marketing for your business. Now is the perfect time for you to brush up on the pros and cons of content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

If people dislike those who conduct direct selling, then take a new look at content marketing. Instead of “hard-selling” your products, you pitch your products or services and deliver more information to your customers that make them more intelligent in terms of making decisions. By doing this, you will be able to gain customers by always creating relevant and valuable content to change or enhance the behavior of your target consumers. The basic idea is this: if businesses deliver consistent and valuable information to customers that they need, eventually they will be more loyal and will avail of your products and services.

The Plus of Content Marketing

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Content marketing has lots of advantages, including increasing web traffic for your business.

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Does it work? What are its advantages? Yes, it does work and it has lots of advantages for your business. It makes people more intelligent by providing them content that makes them stop, read, think and collect his thoughts and act on it. This is much better rather than providing loads of heavy information to your customers that they don’t actually need. A lot of successful businesses have been incorporating content marketing strategies such as John Deere, P&G, among others.

It also generates traffic for your business’ website. Content marketing will allow you to create good content that will push for higher page views and site traffic. Of course, it is better to have a good amount of people visiting your website daily, right?

Another interesting advantage of content marketing is that it allows owners to engage with their customers to make personal connections and build customer loyalty. It helps you close the deal with your customers.

The Social Media Experience

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Wondering why your social media efforts have been put to waste? Fret no more with the help of content marketing.

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And then we proceed to one of the most important tools that you need to have: your social media platforms. In content marketing, you use either Facebook, Twitter, Google+, other preferred social media platforms to distribute links back to your brand’s website. This process should not be confused with social media networks containing the content itself.

According to Cathy McPhillips’ article, “How to Build Social Media into Your Content Marketing Processes”, she states that social media is essential during two key content marketing processes; namely listening to your audience to understand what they care about, so you can create content that they will find engaging and relevant, and distributing content.

Since you might be starting small, you can align your content marketing efforts by starting with the more popular social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and try to see where most of your target audience are located.

Pam Dyer of Social Media Today shared some tips with some of the popular social media platforms. With Facebook, most users like photos. Post a related photo of your business that is interesting and engaging to drive interest. For Twitter, use Twitter cards so that your tweets can have an accompanying visual media. Confused with LinkedIn? Just create an interactive resume including rich media and detailed descriptions, complete with photos, slides, and demos. And with YouTube, you can use the its built-in video editor to combine your existing product videos to create a brand new video that highlights your product.

Taking your business to the next level with content marketing and social media will definitely help you to propel it to greater heights and build loyal customers. In my next post, I’ll discuss more about how to effectively engage with your loyal customers.

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