Listen. Learn. Earn: A Review on the BiggerPockets Podcasts

Podcasts. Whew I feel like eating whenever I hear this term. Pods right?  Just try to make sense of that. So much for imaginary eating, I’ve been listening to podcasts since a friend told me about them a few years back.  With the hundreds of podcasts one can listen to and learn from, you can definitely find one that will suit your needs. If you’re a business junkie with a high level of enthusiasm for real estate, listening to BiggerPockets simply becomes a must. It does not and will not teach you how to be a millionaire overnight but it will slowly get you there. Don’t expect to talk to experts who discuss theories and those dizzying statistics. Instead, expect to hear real people talk about their experiences and the life that they live.

 “If your problem is that you’re too nice then stop being nice.”

That quote right there is nothing more than a strong statement from one of the listeners turned believers of BiggerPockets. BP really provides great information and solutions for their loyal listeners. I happened to listen to the 21st episode of the number one real estate podcast on iTunes. With Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner as show hosts, the podcast show never ceases to amaze its listeners for its no nonsense and nonchalant way of presenting issues related to real estate. The podcast currently has 27 episodes discussing unique issues concerning real estate. What’s even more interesting about the show is that they generously share their ideas in regards how a starting individual should prepare for the struggles and even successes of being in the business.

The show’s mission statement really is to help build the wealth of those who are just starting. They wish to streamline real estate and its ropes for their listeners to have a better appreciation of it.  Josh and Brandon are gifted to add and develop more ways for people to stay roused to tune in to the show. They are very enthusiastic to help many people since the show is free for everybody. The show provides quick tips and advices to people who are interested in the field and are driven to succeed.

In their 21st episode, the BiggerPockets hosts invited a successful wholesaler, Jerry Pucket to talk about his personal struggles and experiences back when he was just a budding realtor. One of the more interesting things he shared was his experience when personally making calls to each potential prospect. Jerry discussed how he struggled with real estate jargons and how his internet search led him to answers provided by BiggerPockets. He claims he’s been reading blogs and that BiggerPockets helped him an awful lot in terms of gaining knowledge of the field he is in.

Below are some of the interesting points mentioned in the episode 21 with Jerry Pucket.

You have to start somewhere. Jerry started working at 10 dollars per hour plus commission. It wasn’t a breezy start and he struggled hard since he wasn’t used to working in real estate. He worked in restaurants for years but it was only when his wife had cancer that things started to change.

  • Drop your mentor and do it on your own. Jerry does not encourage that you do not consult someone who already knows the ropes of the business. Instead, he thinks that when you are ready and want to do things the way you think they should be done, then go ahead.
  • Be careful with craigslist. The simpler the better. Jerry advises that people start posting stuff that are simple, direct to the point and focused on the benefits that the prospects will gain. Also, it is good to create traffic by leading the ad to your website.
  • Save on cash. You need money to keep the ball rolling. You have to have enough cash when you are in the field.

How to be a better negotiator?

 Jerry says you have to believe in your service or the product that you offer. You have to make your seller feel that they are gaining the best out of your negotiation. He says it’s important to be perceptive. Take a lot of pictures when you’re outside. Invest on a good camera.  Be smart with providing ballpark figures to your dealers. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what your goalmouth is and how you plan to go about achieving it. Jerry also shared something about marketing and how direct mail gets her phone ringing; He says the key is to keep things simple and straightforward.

People from BiggerPockets admit that real estate investors have a bad reputation but they are trying to change that. They believe that the real estate individual should try to understand the psychology of the seller. To have empathy and understanding for them and for their needs is the key to getting their sweet “yes”. It is a profit oriented field and so is every other business.

The BiggerPockets podcast show has got to be one of the best, if not the best, in the field. Don’t take my word for it though. If you feel like learning more, it’s never too late to subscribe to their podcast on ITunes or pay them a visit at their website

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