Don’t Murder Your Content! Here’s How Weird Al Can Help

Grammar is a touchy territory. Talking to grammar snobs is probably one of the most uncomfortable moments for anyone. Who (not whom) would not feel uneasy when talking to someone who (again, not whom) seems to check whether your subjects and verbs agree? However, when you are in content marketing, flawless grammar matters. It distinguishes a trusted brand from second-rate ones. It gives the impression that you are taking your job, your brand, and your audience seriously.

"Weird Al" Yankovic's latest album, Mandatory Fun, comes out July 15. (You can hear a sample of a few songs from his album in this NPR interview)
Image by NPR via Pinterest

Pop satirist Weird Al Yankovic has some tongue in cheek reminders. With over 15 million views on Youtube, “Word Crimes”, a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, became an instant anthem for grammar police and nerds. The rise of social media has taken its toll on grammar — young people do not write in complete sentences anymore, spell words correctly, use punctuations, and so on. What we have is a generation of slang mumblings, you know? I mean, ain’t that right? Texting also altered the language landscape. It eliminated some “waste words and letters” but resulted in grammar ignorance and indifference. Weird Al’s grammar lesson aims to take us out of that black hole. Content marketers can pick up a few things from his two cents and save good content from forthcoming death.

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